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After you have pressed the button “SEND” please wait for a reply to have your confirmation of the Try Out Session Time and Day.

After this Try Out Session you will be allocated available times in our programme or be placed on the waiting list. If you join in the middle of the term your fees will be the remaining weeks in the term.

We will inform you of the next Try Out time and day as soon as possible.

The children on Try Out will be expected to leave outside clothing in rooms provided and wear appropriate sports clothing such as T-shirts, shorts and socks.

As a matter of safety, before the try out commences all jewellery must be removed.

Parents need to notify a member of staff of their presence in order to get guided on entering the Gymnasium.

Naturally the purpose of the Try Out is for your child and yourself to get familiar with the Gymnasium and determine that your child is ready to explore Gymnastics.

Our assessment comes only to the observation that the children are relaxed within the environment and that they are happy to follow basic Gymnastics instructions.

If you let us know after the session that is your intention to join the club, we will speak to you about means of membership, affiliation and fees. You will receive an email confirming your place as soon as possible. If there are no spaces you will be put on our waiting list. If you do not receive confirmation details within 5 days please contact us again by email. There have been some incorrect email addresses sent to us and we have sometimes been unable to contact people.


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