1.Gymnastics and Tumbling

Artistic Gymnastics is probably the most commonly known branch of the sport and is one of the most popular at the Olympic Games. Its exciting routines with aesthetic choreography  incorporates vault, bars, beam, floor, parallel bars and pommel. It provides constant challenges and teaches body control, coordination and has amplitude and courage.  Gymnastics is the sport for girls and boys who love turning their world upside down. Each gymnast will be set goals to achieve in Tumbling incorporating moves as simple as rolls to ariel somersaults.


Gymnasts run towards the vault table from a 25 metre run They transfer their speed to the springboard and seek a quick hand placement to the vault table. From here the gymnast uses the spring to launch themselves vertically for a combination of somersaults and twists landing with complete body control.

3.Asymmetric Bars, High Bar and Parallel Bars

Swinging and continuous movements are required on all these pieces of apparatus. Routines will include movements in both directions as well as above and below the different apparatus.  Moves with twists and somersaults with many grip changes and high flight often the most exciting. The swings and dismount is often the most exciting part of the routine and where the medals are decided.

4.Balance Beam

A beam routine is an exercise in absolute precision with control and poise. The gymnast performs a combination of acrobatic elements, leaps, jumps, turns, steps, waves and balance elements on a 10 cm beam. This can be done in many ways. It is a requirement that the Gymnasts use the entire length of the beam, with routines finishing often with a series of acrobatic elements off the side or end of the beam to the relief of the gymnast and the applause of the crowd.

5.Floor Exercise

The floor exercise shows off the gymnast and their movements are in the spotlight and is considered to be the most expressive piece of apparatus in the sport. A floor routine has sequences with a variety of tumbling and acrobatic elements. The whole floor area is used in the routine with clear changes in direction. Individuality, originality, and mostly artistry of presentation are the keys to a fabulous routine.


Tumbling requires quick coordination and qualities such as courage and special awareness. Modern Tumbling equipment such as trampolines, air track and specialized tumbling tracks have increased the level of tumbling in the last 25 years.

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