“ Your Journey in Gymnastics starts here with your first step into our great facility “

Gymnastics started with the Ancient Greeks as military training for their armies. Gymnastics in the modern era takes a variety of forms from these ancient beginnings Apparatus in our new dedicated Centre with reflect this. There will be Olympic equipment such as Bars, Beams, Parallel Bars, Vault, Rings and Pommel as well as a competition sprung floor. Specialist equipment such as Trampoline, Air Tracks and a Full Tumbling Track will also be available. All the equipment will be permanently setup in our superb Gymnastics facility and designed to work for Beginners to Elite.


Technical skill, muscular strength, explosive power relative to their own body weight, flexibility and artistic abilities are all the main characteristics required for the world-class gymnasts that we see in our top GB gymnasts.



Gymnasts have to be 16 years of age in the year of competition to be able to compete in major international competitions such as the Olympics and World Champs. In order to have the required skills for international success at a young age, gymnasts start intensive training at a very young age.

Olympic cycle

With each 4 year Olympic cycle, new skills are introduced to international competition and judged according to their degree of difficulty, safety value. Being the first gymnast to compete a new skill in an international competition results in having the skill named after the gymnast All gymnasts compete in a team qualification competition, then as all-round competitors or individual apparatus competitors.


Teams consist of 4 gymnasts with 3 of the 4 contesting each piece of apparatus. The 3 highest scores from each team, for each apparatus, count towards the final team scores. From this initial round, gymnasts and teams are ranked for the finals Depending on the gymnast’s level of skill and overall place within their team, they could compete in all 3 competitions or compete just on one apparatus.

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